Classic George celebrates the Roaring 20s this Friday night. Attendees are invited to dress in era costumes and drive classic cars to the event. In fact, driving a classic will gain you a front row parking spot on Main Street if you arrive before 5 p.m.

Here’s some era lingo to help you fit right in.


How many have you heard before? 

The bee’s knees = awesome, hip, cool

Hotsy-totsy = perfect, the cat’s pajamas

Giggle water = alcohol

Know your onions = to know what’s up or what’s going on

Cash = a smooch

Darb = something deemed wonderful or splendid

Hayburner = a car with poor gas mileage, a guzzler

Now you’re on the trolley = you’ve got it right

Olvier Twist = an extremely good dancer

Rub = a dance party for college or high school students

Sinker = a doughnut

Sockdollager = an event or action of great importance

Whoopee = to have a good dime

Belt = a drink of liquor

Bus = any old or worn out car

Clam = a dollar

Get-up = an outfit

Hip to the jive = cool, trendy